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Garden and Lawn Maintenance, let’s look sharp out there!

What is monthly maintenance you ask? Its all the things that make your lawn and garden a happy place to be. Let’s first begin with the idea that somehow there is a “no maintenance” landscape that can be had. Everything needs maintenance, even your driveway must be swept off at some point. While you can … Continued

How to add spring color to your garden…

What can bring more joy and warmth after long cold winters, you ask? Bulbs, beautiful, colorful, amazing bulbs. These are one of the first plants to bring color and brilliance to the garden. Whether you have an urban garden, suburban backyard or country estate bulbs can make all the difference. For their size, they pack … Continued

The Outdoor Livingroom

Every home needs an outdoor entertainment space. Your hardscape projects need to fit the way you intend to use them. One of the first steps is giving thought to how you and your home could benefit from your new patio. Will it be used for summertime parties, quiet relaxing weekends, a needed upgrade or maybe … Continued

Summer Hydrangeas

There are so many choices that can be had when it comes to hydrangeas. Oakleaf, Mop Head, Quick Fire and many more with super fun names like Twist and Shout, Pinky-Winky, Munchkin, Little Lamb, and Endless Summer that make them truly worth having in your garden based on their names alone. Hydrangeas are among the … Continued

Amazing Seasonal Containers

Seasonal containers offer a burst of color and excitement throughout the year for anyone that visits your home. Spectacular, amazing, and stunning are all adjectives that can describe well-crafted containers and window boxes. They keep up with the seasonal interest all year long by welcoming the changes in the air, along with family and friends. … Continued

Irrigation and Water Management

Irrigation is the act of helping Mother Nature water the garden. Water Management is the act of saving water while keeping your plants at their happiest. From the beginning the installation needs a strong, smart design adding all the elements that will make the most of the water as it is used in the system. … Continued

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