What can bring more joy and warmth after long cold winters, you ask? Bulbs, beautiful, colorful, amazing bulbs. These are one of the first plants to bring color and brilliance to the garden. Whether you have an urban garden, suburban backyard or country estate bulbs can make all the difference. For their size, they pack a punch like no other when it comes to a pop of color.

Daffodils, Tulips, Hyacinth, Crocus, and Alliums are mainstays to any spring garden. Easy to plant and care for no matter what shade of green your thumb happens to be. Bulbs make the garden become wonderfully interactive for the entire family from planting in the crisp autumn air to the harvesting in the bright spring sunshine. They can be planted along the garden’s edges, in groups of 8-10 bulbs, singular or mixed colors and even planted in containers. Once they bloom, they can bring spectacular bouquets of color to the inside of the home.

After the flowers have come and gone, let the leaves carry on and make sure not to cut them down or tie them up, this is how the bulb recharges itself for the following season. Once the leaves have turned brown you can them remove them from your garden and place them into your compost pile.

With just a little care and a touch of imagination, you can have the beginning to of a wonder spring garden for all to enjoy.