The Patio Space

Every home needs an outdoor entertainment space. Your hardscape projects need to fit the way you intend to use them. One of the first steps is giving thought to how you and your home could benefit from your new patio. Will it be used for summertime parties, quiet relaxing weekends, a needed upgrade or maybe just a place to end your day. Once you have imagined the many possibilities you can then decide the shape, size, stone choice and what would complement the patio most. Is it the stone wall, fresh new walkways, granite steps, natural fieldstone steppers, or the cozy planting to soften the environment? The choices are endless and should always be blended for the best possible outcome.

Bluestone patios are above all when it comes to the most amazing choice for natural stone. This is the stone that gets better with age and will always compliment the natural surroundings with great admiration. It’s diverse enough for installation of walkways, wall caps and steps while always offering a warm, clean, natural look to your home’s exterior spaces.

The most important part of any hardscape installations is a strong base. A deep compacted base will be the difference between lasting success and short-term joy. Another important item to consider is the pitch, as patios must always be tilted away from the house to ensure water is not being brought into your home’s foundation.

With a great design, a wonderful stone choice and proper installation, it can be the outdoor space you have dreamt of for you and your family to enjoy for years to come.