Summer Hydrangeas


There are so many choices that can be had when it comes to hydrangeas. Oakleaf, Mop Head, Quick Fire and  many more with super fun names like Twist and Shout, Pinky-Winky, Munchkin, Little Lamb, and Endless Summer that make them truly worth having in your garden based on their names alone.


Hydrangeas are among the most wonderful flowering shrubs there are when it comes to reliability, expectation and have some of the longest lasting flowers of the season. The flowers arrive in shades of blue, pink, purple and can go from creamy whites to deep maroons and even dried arrangements in the fall season, it’s almost impossible not to want them in your garden.  A great plant for a singular planting, border shrubs for stone walls and wonderful backdrops to foundation plantings. Hydrangea shrubs, trees, and climbing vines can all bring a classic, happy look to your home.

Hydrangeas are easy to care for as they require very little maintenance to make them happy. There’s a reason they have been a structured part of so many gardens for so many years. Even pollinators love certain varieties for their summertime flower hopping. Their as joyful as sunshine and as happy as the summer itself.