Seasonal Containers

Seasonal containers offer a burst of color and excitement throughout the year for anyone that visits your home. Spectacular, amazing, and stunning are all adjectives that can describe well-crafted containers and window boxes. They keep up with the seasonal interest all year long by welcoming the changes in the air, along with family and friends. Spring, summer, fall, and holiday are all shows with free admission to color, texture, and personal style. It really is the finishing touch of your homes landscape.

Containers are typically placed in areas of high visibility, such as the entrance to the home, pool decks and patios. The most successful containers have a perfect recipe of “thrill, fill and spill”. Something thrilling to bring focus, plants to fill in the space and something to spill over the sides to create vibrant trails of color and texture. They can be formal or have a cozy cottage feel or even a singular specimen tree for more modern design.

The containers themselves will also play a critical role in personal style. Selecting clay, ceramic, wooden or steel containers is the first step to a successful adventure between the vessel and the plants. Select the containers based on overall size, color, height, and width that fits best for the area of interest you’re trying to create. Once the containers and plants are blended, with a touch of patience, you can sit back and enjoy the show!