Irrigation and Water Management.

Irrigation is the act of helping Mother Nature water the garden. Water Management is the act of saving water while keeping your plants at their happiest.

From the beginning the installation needs a strong, smart design adding all the elements that will make the most of the water as it is used in the system. Drip, Spray and Micro sections can and should be managed in a way that reflects what is needed for the plants to be happy and healthy, for the whole season.

Whatever your watering need are, it’s important to stick with the basics. Water late at night once the sun has set or early in the morning before it rises. Watering during the day or under hot sun will decrease the water to the plants since it will largely evaporate before it has a chance to soak into the ground. Also, when watering plants from overhead in the hot sun, since the water droplets are like a magnifying glass, it will leave burn marks on many of the broadleaf plants.

Another key factor when managing your water is not to over water your plants or lawn. Often when plants are over watered, the ground becomes soggy or stays wet for far to long. This in turn may cause the plants and lawn to turn yellow, rot, or in some cases invite harmful diseases. Also, when plants are watered to frequently, their roots do go as deep and puts them at risk when water bands are imposed and they can no longer get the water their used to receiving.

Generally speaking, Irrigation and Water Management. Seasonal adjustments should also be taken into account as you move through the growing season. The month of May might not need as much water as June or September. Keep checking on your plants through the season to help make the best decisions for you and your homes landscape.