What is monthly maintenance you ask? Its all the things that make your lawn and garden a happy place to be.

Let’s first begin with the idea that somehow there is a “no maintenance” landscape that can be had. Everything needs maintenance, even your driveway must be swept off at some point. While you can make it easier with “lower maintenance” plants, the gardens and the lawn will still need care.

Garden Maintenance is the hand pruning of smaller trees and shrubs, deadheading the perennials and keeping the gardens and containers neat and tidy. Deadheading and staking the plants will often encourage fresh, new buds to bloom over and over again, while creating better overall growth. Dashing your plants with a bit of fertilizer and keeping up with the weeding are all parts of the maintenance of the garden beds.

The small trees and shrubs should be pruned by hand, typically once a year to remove any dead, dying, or crossing branches that rub the bark of the limbs. They can also be shaped to a way that is suitable for a specific look you may have in mind.

The maintenance plan could also include seasonal color added to the containers or garden beds around your home. Annuals, as they are known, can offer long lasting, vibrant color for each season of the year right up to the first frost of Fall. If you love color and plants that can nearly take care of themselves, think about trying annuals.


As for your lawn care, this can and should be maintained as well. Start with weekly mowing using a machine that has sharp blades for a clean cut and straight lines to make it standout from any view. Sign up for a lawn treatments program, many of which are involved in organic treatments that can keep your lawn looking like the place everyone wants and wants to be all summer long. Nothing beats a deep green, healthy, happy lawn.

With a creative plan, monthly schedules and great plant selection you can help to get your lawn and gardens on a maintenance program that will last season over season. With a little effort on your part (or the part of a landscaping/fine gardening team) you can make your home the envy of the neighborhood.