Natures best building material, natural stone.

Choosing to build stone walls at your home brings a certain element that is largely unmatched when it comes to making a statement. Walls of natural stone can retain grade changes, add to a seemingly unremarkable set of stairs, bring focus to planting beds, and create a leisurely place to enjoy a firepit on your patio.

Imagining what grace and style stone walls can bring is the first element in the design process and how it can elevate your homes landscape. Traditional, modern, dry stacked, curved, or straight walls can all be considered as you move to the choice that’s fits your homes style.

Fieldstone walls are a very popular choice that’s truly a wonderful outdoor element. When constructed properly, they’ll offer style and grace that will last a lifetime or two. Having a strong foundation, excellent drainage and a knowledgeable masonry team will set the stage for a long-term successful investment. Everything from the size of the stones, the joints in between and even the color can all be personal choices with the help of your landscape contractor. Take your time, do your research, and work with a team that treats your house like your home.